Push Start

Building A Fire Pit?

Match lit inserts offer a key valve operation, where you turn the gas valve and spark the fire either with a stick lighter, match or push spark button.

Push start Firepit burners allow you to start your Firepit with out needing 120v outlet. This is a great way to conveniently start up the Fire right at the pit with the turn of one knob.

HPC Electronic Ignition Firepit Inserts allow you to convert an existing wood burning Firepit to gas, as well as create your own gas pit in your backyard. Control your electronic ignition Firepit from your smart phone, remote control, or timer. All burners are crafted from the highest quality stainless steel and offer a beautiful flame pattern.

When designing your outdoor living space, it is always nice to include some type of fire pit. We have many different types of gas fire pits available. We have the option to get finished or unfinished fire pits, which assist you when designing your space. There are several types of looks available for the burner, along with the option for traditional camp fire style logs or contemporary glass burners.

Electronic Ignition 

Match Lit

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